We'd like to thank Smirnoff for supporting Kreatures. We were very happy to be voted as one of the UK's most original nights by the likes of Rob da Bank as part of the Smirnoff Creative Grants initiative. Aimed at discovering, supporting and celebrating the most forward-thinking promoters in the country, The Smirnoff Co. has awarded us with a grant to help us put on this night and make it a one-of-a-kind experience to remember! For more information and to find out how you can BE THERE at the events go to www.facebook.com/smirnoffGB

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Buy Tickets Here

Motors will be converted from analogue to midi using circuitry, which will allow full control using any midi controller/instrument. A drum hit could open a mouth, a keyboard operate a tongue. Audio waveforms control a full working head with pre-recorded expression. Every movement in perfect sync to the track. Live footage will be manipulated and edited in real- time and projected around the venue creating a visionary world where the boundaries of sound, Part creating a warped event where state-of-the-art ultra realistic animatronic-creatures fuse with forward thinking bass music.


The stars of the night will be the creations of the worlds hottest animatronics talent - John Nolan, Gustav Hoegen and Josh Head. Having designed and built animatronics for everyone from Chris Cunningham to Spike Jonze to Terry Gilliam and Guillermo Del Toro, their skill and vision is recognised by some of the most creative people on the planet. For Kreatures they will work with pioneering audio / visual designer Jude Greenaway to create a synthesis of music and machine - creating a one-off interlinked, living, breathing installation where the walls literally have eyes. Their creations will be set centre stage - some big, some small, fully interacting with sound and people. All the Kreatures will be interconnected and driven by the music as the night goes on the music and the machines will get darker, deeper and generally more messed up.

John has built a career producing hyper realistic animatronics and has just started his own production company. In his Hackney studio he builds the structure of his pieces with a series of relays and motors covering them with silicone prosthetics creating fully controllable completely life-like robots.

Working closely with the directors recently he has worked on: Where The Wild Things Are Spike Jonze Hellboy 2 Guillermo del Toro Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire Louis Leterrier Clash Of The Titans (remake) Mike Newell Brothers Grimm Terry Gilliam

- http://www.johnnolanfilms.com/animatronics/showreel-flash.php

After 12 years of working as an Animatronic Designer in the film industry Gustav is currently focussing on his own project, which will also be the piece on display on the night of the event. Gustav's appraoch to Animatronics is a combination of the study of anatomy with engineering, aiming to create movement as realistic and fluid as possible.

Films Gustav has worked on include:
Clash of the Titans,
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy,
Tim Burton's Charlie and the
Chocolate Factory, Terry Gilliam's
Brothers Grimm and The Nutcracker - The Untold Story.

Joshua Head has been working as an special effects creature technician, and professional musician for some time now. Starting his FX career with ICP (Dave Elsey) also working for Hensons, John Cox creature workshop and studios.

Starwars - Phantom Menace,
Where the Wild Things Are,
The Host

Up and coming young British artist Tristan Schoonraad has been working in the film industry for 20 years and has been lucky enough to been all over the world making monsters, dead bodies, Aliens, weapons, a full size Lancaster bomber and a whole lot more. His craft has helped him with his art and has worked with Ron Muick and Chris Cunningham in the early days which has been a huge inspirational.


For the audience it will be a genuinely unforgettable night - a totally immersive experience full of bizarre surprises and unexpected events. Coupled with the animatronics will be live projections of the Kreatures, bespoke VJ sets, theatrical set design and performers to completely transform the space and create a visionary world where the boundaries of sound, film and special-FX blur.

A director and multi media creative, Jude specialises in broadcasting moving graphics and live audio visual event-based projects as well as being part of the collective "The Light Surgeons". Producing electronic music releases under the guise of Scanone. Jude has been responsible for many projects around the world and worked with artists including Jay Z and has toured with Massive Attack providing visuals for their stage show including the rigging of AV installations. Jude was commissioned to do a four screen audio visual production to celebrate the re-opening of the Royal Festival Hall and also created a permanent architectural lighting installation at SANTRAL in Istanbul, Turkey.

A long standing member of interaKt - a DJ, visual artist, promoter and Film Editor for BBC, Channel 4, Discovery Channel and National Geographic. His portfolio includes working as Film Editor on:
Dare Devils Channel 4
The Secret Life of Chaos BBC4
The Perfect Weapon National Geographic

Leigh performs under the name Brzzzmaster10, and has created and performed live Audio/Visual sets with artists Si Begg and Flint Kids

Leigh will be working with Flint Kids and Dizz1 on two specially commissioned film and audio pieces incorporating voice and action samples from video which will sync up live so the music and films can be performed and edited live on the night

Fresh out of the Oxforshire countryside, Grievous G combines his aristocratic sensibillties with the ability to dig up exclusive vinyl from all corners of the globe to create an original blend of what can only be described as 'choice, chap Bass. His skills in cultivating a seamless blend of elitist audio can be seen in his ability to hand pluck sounds from every genre of electronic music from Techno to Dub Step to Acid to Grime and full circle back to Techno. With his sights firmly fixed on the dancefloor he can conjure up the perfect balance between pushing the boundaries and rocking the party without compromising his sound. Grievous G works as a Carpenter by day and works on the construction and design of sets for tilm and theatre.

Music for the night will centre around three cutting-edge electronic music producers -Starkey, Untold and Milanese - who will produce two exclusive animatronic sets which will be performed live on the night as the centre piece of the event. Music for the rest of the night will be provided by a collaboration of forward thinking producers united by their passion for next level bass music.

PJ Geissinger aka Starkey and MOVES!!! is a fast rising star hailing from the eletronic underground. His energetic dj performances combined with his original production sound are making him a hotly tipped act and producer of the future. Stakey is co-owner of Slit Jockey Records and a member of the Seclusiasis and TROUBLE AND BASS crews. Following his recent success stateside, Starkey was selected by Vex'd as one of seven new DJs for Radio 1's MARY ANNE HOBBS' low end special 'Generation Bass' and was the only non-UK DJ to be chosen. If you like grime, dubstep, hip hop and all things bass then Starkey's hard edged spaced out crunk is the sound for you. His sound is often compared to the likes of Vex'd, Skream and Tipper to name a few.

With only a handful of releases on Hessle Audio, Hotflush and his own Hemlock Recordings, London based Jack Dunning has made serious waves already. An Untold tune is highly distinguishable; all compact bass lines that punish and clean percussion that clicks and drives instinctively; finding a balance between meticulous detail, deepness, and pure dance floor sensibility that is very rare indeed.
Cited by BBC Radio One's Mary Anne Hobbs as one to watch in 2009, Untold's output includes both new material and remixes for the likes of Milanese, Pangaea, Naphta and Toasty, forthcoming on labels including Hotflush, Square Records, Hessle Audio and many more.

Birmingham resident Steve Milanese has few ties with his local music scene, and even fewer with its artists, yet the music he makes is some of the most intense, hard-hitting and futuristic material currently coming out of the city - or anywhere for that matter. Milanese builds startlingly complex, abrasive rhythms, referencing styles such as jungle, techno, electro, dubstep and grime, but stamping out a sonic footprint clearly his own - a clanking, hissing take on dancefloor electronica, where B-movie samples and mangled ragga vocals swell among crashing beats, and snarling basslines head straight for the jugular.

London based electronic music duo and interaKt promoters Dave Smith & Daniel Nolan began writing music together in 2000 on an Akai MPC 2000, S600, Korg trinity and 303. Years later, after having brought laptops; logic, Ableton and other electronic goodies. Their outlook is to keep on pushing the boundaries of electronic music, using the world as their synthesizer and Tizer as their schmizer! Their passion for so many different styles of music saved them from ever being pigeonholed; glitches & bleeps fuse with organic matter fred from a techno blunderbuss to creating a pool of binary sputum.

An amazing musician - Anklepants has been producing electronic music for the last 9 years. His latest music performance involves live midi controlled animatronics using his own custom control system. His Anklepants live show has to be seen to be belived - a killer combination of live electronics, nasty bass and programming - all synced to an animatronics bears head face mask which moves in time with the music. With 100's of live shows in clubs and festivals around australia, exclusive to interaKt - Kreatures will be Anklepants first live show in London. Currently he is working on a new custom input control system using self build motion control suits and software such as maxmsp to control his face for Kreatures.

Ten years since they formed, 2009 marks a turning point in the disturbed mental explorations of Kryptic Minds. Having built an enviable back catalogue of dark, deadly drum & bass, the production duo of Si & Leon aka Kryptic Minds have quickly established a foothold in the exploding global dubstep scene. As the flagship artists on Loefah DMZ's label Swamp 81, their 12"s and album "One of Us" continue dubstep's tradition for stone-cold halfstep, flying against the dancefloor's natural urges for momentum and release. Instead they unleash fearsome sub bass assaults that lead listeners into an edgy otherworld and have become staples of sets by halfstep innovator Youngsta as well as Loefah himself. Look out for upcoming releases across some of dubstep's leading labels including Tectonic, Disfigured Dubz plus their own Osiris Music UK.


Bass Clef is rooted in deepest London and has a very distinct sound and live stage show. A dance artist that criss cross boundaries making friends where ever he goes, armed with his mighty trombone, effects, and percussive instruments of choice BC is a rough and ready mix of dance(hall) inspirations - 21st Century urban roots music, Caribbean rhythms, fcked up glitch, hypnotic brass and classic 'hands in the air' rave dynamics which all swirl around the Bass Clef sound-system experience. Bass Clef is giddy club/live act and analogue fetishist of the bottom end kind, bypassing laptop/looping and fully embracing a heavy and warm sound. Bass Clef has a heady combination of big bass, dirty high-end and lilting melodies floating through all his trks. Ringing cow-bells, woozy trombone blasts and effects all spice up his deep, deliciously rhythmic undertow.


Presently Dizz1 has been blowing up all over the place. From attending the Red Bull Music Academy in Spain and getting air play from Gilles Peterson, Mary Anne Hobbs and Benji B on BBC Radio through to doing shows alongside the likes of Stereotyp and Al Haca, The Bug, Benga, N-Type and Loefah as well as having his track 'Konotakosuke Yaro' feature on the highly anticipated Beat Dimensions 2 compilation on Rush Hour. In December 2009 Dizz1's debut EP '3rd Time Lucky' was released through the highly renowned Dutch label Kindred Spirits as part of their 'Nod Navigators' series. He is currently working on an album with Om'Mas Keith from Sa-Ra Creative Partners and has collaborated in the studio with Mark Pritchard (Harmonic 313).


Twisted breakbeats laced with crisp electronica edits and cinematic synth scores reinforced with London-bred basslines. This is the sound of Scanone. Scanone aka Jude Greenaway has been playing and releasing music for over a decade.In that time he has managed to develop a sound that skirts around the lunatic fringes of a myriad of underground genres, elements of techno, old skool hardcore, IDM and dub are fused together by this accomplished producer, DJ and label boss of Yellow Machines.


Based out in Subotica, Serbia, Noiz draws upon his influences of oldskool hardcore, darkcore, drum n bass, acid house, bleep techno, detroit techno, IDM, industrial, electro, breakbeat, funk, jazz/funk, future jazz, fusion, dub, roots reggae, grunge, grindcore, old school punk. He began producing electro, breakbeat, IDM anddrum'n'bass 5 years ago, focusing on dark, technoid sounds.